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Paper & Cardboard Recycling for Schools

Jun 30, 2015

Some statistics about schools first, courtesy of ‘The Department for Education’.

There are over 24,000 schools in England alone with over 8.2 million students. This is a huge number when you consider that paper is the main recyclable material generated by schools, accounting for at least 25% of total waste, followed by cardboard packaging from canteens and equipment supplies.

Most schools currently spend between £ 300 and £ 1000 on waste disposal each year depending on size and produce a minimum of 1 tonne of waste per term. This bill could be reduced if you recycled your paper and cardboard.

Educating children, particularly at a young age about the importance of recycling and the environment provides a route to a greener future.

At CS Recycling we are fully aware of the contribution schools make to educating pupils & students, on the need to and merits of recycling.

CS Recycling helps a large cross section of schools recycle whether you are an infant or secondary school.

In many cases where possible, this assistance is given free of charge for both paper and cardboard materials.

One of the most effective ways of collecting paper and cardboard from schools, collages and universities is by Dustcart, they then pick up the large plastic waste bins we supply. These come in a number of sizes. The Eurobin /1100-Ltr wheelie bin is most commonly used for both paper and cardboard, there is the possibility of a 660-Ltr where space is too tight for its’ bigger brother. We also have even bigger bins available for large volume collections as REL skips and .

If you would like to have a chat about how you can make a real difference in your school with regards to paper and cardboard recycling please contact us through our email form and we will be in-touch.

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