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Quality recycling services for a sustainable world

13 Sep, 2019

What does "Quality recycling services for a sustainable world" mean?

In short, it's our motto here at CS Recycling. But here's the full story...

Quality collections

CS Recycling only work with commercial business across South East England, who segregate their waste streams at source. And we only work with these customers because they quality control their waste from point 0. This ensures that the recycling collected finds its way to a recycling mill for reprocessing into a new product, cutting the need for raw materials instead of cutting down trees.

Our recycling services

CS Recycling are dedicated to working on the recycling services for commercial businesses, in order to make a more sustainable world. CS Recycling started as Chas Storer Ltd in 1937 and has expanded its service offerings and vision since. We now offer recycling services for cardboard, paper, polythene (LDPE), printers waste paper and more...

Our vision of a sustainable world

We initially worked on creating a link between businesses in the UK and recycling facilities in the UK, however as imports from China soared, we recognised that exporting packaging waste back to Asia and other continents around the world was the only way to ensure sustainability in the new globalised world. We recognised that we were importing goods in packaging, and that packaging should be exported back to countries around the world. Now we process 2000 tonnes a week of packaging materials, which are segregated at source by our 1000 customers across South East England.

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