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CS Recycling - Providing recycling services to customers across the South East

Our Equipment

CS Recycling supplies a wide range of internal and external bins and containers for storage of the material, from a single clear bag to a complete compactor with packer bin. We can organise one-off or regular collections, within our catchment area.

Equipment price list coming soon...


Wheelie bins

660L 1100L (for paper) 1100L (for cardboard/plastic)

REL bins

12 – 16yd Closed Top

RoRo bins (Roll on Roll off bins)

40yd Open Top 35yd Compactor Bin 40yd Closed Top

Printer’s bins

Dolav Bins Saeplast Bins


Compactors (Packers)


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Storer House, Coopers Lane

Potters Bar, Hertfordshire


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Our Recycling Customers

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